Important Update on SCIENTIA Project

Please see this blog post for an important update on the SCIENTIA project. The information on the homepage will be updated soon and might be partly outdated. Please participate in the community voting in the Telegram group to be a part of the decision making process regarding the distribution plan. You can access the Telegram group here.


SCIENTIA is a token that supports Science and returns rewards to the SCIENTIA Community.  The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a trust owned by the SCIENTIA Community.

The SCIENTIA Trust will support basic research in academia as well as new research-oriented companies. Uniquely, it will participate in research it funded through licence returns and returns from Science and Technology Start-Ups and companies it supported. 

While establishing the Trust is the long-term goal of SCIENTIA, Science and the SCIENTIA Community can already benefit from SCIENTIA via its Token.

The Scientia Token

The SCIENTIA Token is an innovative token that has entered the Crypto space in October 2021. It was launched on the Binance Smart Chain and has been available via an independent secondary market, PancakeSwap, since November 2021. After an initial negative rebase phase that gathered the attention of the Crypto Community, it has achieved the initial target price of 314,159 $ in December 2021. This marked the end of phase I.

In February 2022 we have decided to stop the elastic supply feature and associated rebases of SCIENTIA token after a vote in the SCIENTIA community. At that moment in time, after some positive rebasing and another brief period of negative rebasing, the price of one SCIENTIA Token was approximately 0.0001 $. Since then, SCIENTIA Token operates without rebase.



Please read and understand the legal disclaimer available here, at the bottom of this page or in the whitepaper. Do not speculate with SCIENTIA for profit as this is absolutely not its intention. Most importantly, SCIENTIA and its token are not investment products and do not confer any ownership rights or rights to any return.

How to Buy and Sell

We do not sell any SCIENTIA Token. You can buy and sell SCIENTIA on the secondary market PancakeSwap. Click here to go to PancakeSwap.


The SCIENTIA Contract is: 0x6af2f57f61cec0883c71f3175774ebeb290a10e6 (verified contract at


Special Buyback



1970 $

Buyback in April


172 $ 

Special Science Funding Distribution



1970 $

Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Funding Proof

Buyback in May / June


+ special buyback

1554 $ 

Buyback in February 2022

2815 $ 

Contribution to


June 2022

1750 $ 

Buyback in March


453 $ 

Buyback in July


to be announced 



We face a problem today. Science funding is organized nationally, slow, and bureaucratic. Furthermore, it is often controlled by government or large corporations and not the Community. SCIENTIA aims to work towards changing that. The project has the ultimate goal of establishing the SCIENTIA Trust which will bridge blockchain technology, science funding and venture capital and be a new vehicle for Science and Tech funding especially of interest to those that currently have a hard time getting access to funding.


Cycling Rebase

SCIENTIA Token briefly operated a cycling rebase. However, in consultation with the SCIENTIA community and after a vote, this feature was stopped in February 2022. Now, the funding cycle for Science funding and Buyback is simply the calendar month.


Establishing the SCIENTIA Trust is the ultimate goal of the SCIENTIA project. The SCIENTIA Trust will be a novel funding vehicle for Science and Tech. It will fund both basic research in exchange for participation in intellectual property, and academic spin-offs. Initially, we hoped that we would accumulate enogh liquidity in the liquidity pool once we reach the target price of phase I to start the Trust straight away. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Establishing the Trust requires sufficient funding to legally create and administer it. As the Trust tokens that we envision will represent a share in the Trust and a contractually guaranteed share in its returns, the Trust tokens will likely be judged to be security tokens in most jurisdictions and require regulatory approval.

At the moment, SCIENTIA aims to grow its community to have enough backing to start the Trust as early as possible. In the meantime, the SCIENTIA Token is used to achieve SCIENTIA's goals of supporting Science by providing research funding and returning funds to the SCIENTIA community by regular buyback.

To keep to its promise of providing holders of the SCIENTIA Token in phase I preferential access to the SCIENTIA Trust, SCIENTIA issues 3 tokens, SCIENTIA Trust I, SCIENTIA Trust II and SCIENTIA Trust III. The first one is issued at the end of Phase I (December 2021), the second one is issued at the end of March 2022 and the third is issued in September 2022. Holders of all three Tokens will have shown their long-term support of the project and get preferential access to the SCIENTIA Trust if it will be possible to create it.


To support its goals, a transaction tax of 9.42% is applied to all transactions of the SCIENTIA Token. This transaction tax is split threefold.

3.14% go directly to the liquidity pool. The rest of the transaction tax is divided into 3 buckets: 2.09% go to science funding. 2.09% go towards buyback. This is where SCIENTIA returns funds to the SCIENTIA community over time. The final 2.09% go towards development and marketing to support the project further and can also be used to compensate the developers for their efforts.

Liquidity Pool Addition


Science Funding






Additionally, we want to distribute accumulated liquidity over time in line with the goals of SCIENTIA. Therefore, at the end of each funding cycle (one calendar month), we will distribute 1% of accumulated liquidity. We will withdraw 1% of liquidity each month. As with any liquidity pool withdrawal, this will not affect the price or market cap. The SCIENTIA will be burned — as a return to the community and the BNB (or potentially in the future another exchange currency in the liquidity pool) of the withdrawal will be split again threefold: 1/3 goes into a buyback, 1/3 goes to research funding and 1/3 goes to development and marketing. If the token and its usage grow over time, which we all hope and work for, then this will allow to keep the liquidity pool still growing, while at the same time using the value currently stored in the liquidity pool over time in line with the goals of SCIENTIA. The majority of the liquidity withdrawal, the SCIENTIA via burn and 1/3 of the BNB, so 4/6 or 2/3 of the 1% liquidity withdrawal, will return to the holder community over time.


Team & Values

The main creator behind SCIENTIA is an active, well-published biomedical scientist, entrepreneur, and physician himself who has experienced many of the problems of traditional, old-school science funding and venture capital. Being excited about blockchain and the way it has revolutionized many areas of life already, bridging blockchain, science funding and venture capital to forge something new is super exciting. Due to the revolutionary approach of SCIENTIA, the identity of the team will not be revealed when SCIENTIA takes off but only after the formation of the SCIENTIA Trust if we manage to achieve it.

Our values

Transparency: We will keep each holder informed at every stage of the project.


Community: We will build, invest in and reward the SCIENTIA Community.


Truth: Science is about seeking truth and challenging old ideas.



If you need support or have questions please join our Telegram community where you will receive help. Either click on the link or search for SCIENTIAGROUP on Telegram. Please be aware of scam groups prentending to be official groups. This link will lead you to the only official group.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs



SCIENTIA is a pioneering endeavour that aims to empower new science-based projects that otherwise don’t see the light of day due to traditional funding methods and bureaucratic limbo. The ultimate goal is the establishment of the SCIENTIA Trust. In the meantime the SCIENTIA Token supports Science and returns to the Community.


Is SCIENTIA's Crypto a coin or a token?

SCIENTIA Token is, as indicated by its name, a token. The token has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain that delivers high degrees of protection, speed, and a decentralized environment.


What can I do with SCIENTIA?

For science or tech-based startups, SCIENTIA will be a boon, it will help them raise funds in a novel way for their projects if successful.

How will SCIENTIA help modern Science?

If successful, SCIENTIA will become a unique platform with which scientists and entrepreneurs would be able to raise funds for their vision. It would help them do away with the bureaucratic limbo and outdated centralized funding methods that exist today. In the meantime the SCIENTIA Token delivers towards the goals of SCIENTIA: Supporting Science and returning to the SCIENTIA community.

Where do I find current information about SCIENTIA?

Please always refer to the homepage and the Whitepaper for current information on SCIENTIA. Please be aware that information might circulate on other webpages that have been published without the approval of even without the knowledge of SCIENTIA. We know of some published information, for example in blog posts, that is simply not correct, outdated or misleading. While we do our best to correct such information, for example by engaging with the authors, sometimes authors do not respond or content cannot be changed from a technical perspective. Please note that SCIENTIA cannot be held accountable for information about the project that has been published by others.