Please be aware that there are scammers out there who are impersonating us. They are active in Telegram and in various social media. They copy our logo and name and offer support, but what they will ask eventually is for your wallet details such as your seed phrase or password/-phrase. We will never contact you first. We will never ask for your wallet details. Never share your wallet private key, seed phrase, password or passphrase with anybody. They will scam you. Be very careful!

Please also be aware that SCIENTIA Token is an elastic supply token with negative rebase and not an investment product. During the negative rebase phase the amount of tokens in your wallet decrease while the price increases to the target price. Please educate yourself about this mechanism, for example in our Telegram group, and only buy SCIENTIA Token if you fully understand it and want to support the idea of SCIENTIA and be part of the community. Do not speculate with SCIENTIA as this is absolutely not its intention.

How to Buy

You can buy SCIENTIA on the secondary market PancakeSwap. Click here.


The SCIENTIA Contract is: 0x6af2f57f61cec0883c71f3175774ebeb290a10e6 (verified contract at


SCIENTIA is a token that aims to support Science and potentially return the rewards to the SCIENTIA Community in the future.  The ultimate goal of the project is to establish a trust owned by the SCIENTIA Community that will revolutionize Science, its funding and the way the economy interacts with it.

It will support basic research in academia as well as new research-oriented companies. Uniquely, it will participate in research it funded through licence returns and by investing in Science and Technology Start-Ups and companies. SCIENTIA aims to democratize Science with the SCIENTIA Community using blockchain technology.

To attract as much attention as possible for its endeavours, SCIENTIA' token has a unique feature: Within 314 days it will rise to 314,159 $. Guaranteed due to negative rebasing. However, it is important to note that negative rebasing also means that the token supply will contract and the amount of tokens in each wallet will become less. So just because the price increases to 314,159 $ does not mean that the value of your tokens will necesssary become more.


We face a problem today. Science funding is organized nationally, slow, and bureaucratic. Furthermore, it is usually controlled by government or large corporations and not the Community. SCIENTIA is the solution. It bridges blockchain technology, science funding and venture capital. The aim is to attract money to Science.

SCIENTIA has two phases: The Accumulation Phase and the Trust Phase. Please see the Whitepaper for details.


Accumulation Phase (Phase I)

The goal of the Accumulation Phase is to accumulate as much attention as possible. This Accumulation Phase will be 314 days long. Yes, that is the first three digits of π (Pi).

During the Accumulation Phase, we will promote SCIENTIA. This will grow our Community. For the Accumulation Phase, SCIENTIA is modelled on recent negative rebase protocols. Every 6 hours, its token price will rise by at least 3.14% until it reaches 314,159 $. Please note that rebase timings and sizes can be adjusted. This will be announced in advanced.

This price rise will be achieved by negative rebasing. The rising price is in line with the vision of SCIENTIA. Ever growing. By signalling this vision to the Community, the Community will grow by attracting new members fast due to its ever-increasing price during the Accumulation Phase. It is expected that the price of 1 SCIENTIA Token will rise to the target price of 314,159 $ in around 314 days. As soon as the price hits the target price of 314,159 $ positive and negative rebases are allowed to keep the price of SCIENTIA close to the target price of 314,159 $. Please note that your token amount will likely reduce due to the negative rebase to facilitate that price increase.

Trust Phase (Phase II)

The Trust Phase starts on day 314 of SCIENTIA’s launch or potentially earlier when the target price of 314,159 $ is hit earlier.

Holders of SCIENTIA token until the Trust Phase and believing in SCIENTIA’s vision will then be rewarded with part of the accumulated liquidity. The bonus will be determiend together with the community. Most of the accumulated liquidity will be transferred to the Trust that will execute SCIENTIA’s mission. Holders of SCIENTIA will have access to a new SCIENTIA Trust token that will also be made available to trade on exchanges and that will exist permanently. The details of the transition from Phase I to the SCIENTIA Trust will be discussed with the community and determind during Phase I. This also includes the way Holders of the SCIENTIA Token can participate. Some to be determined form of access to the Trust will ultimately be the utility of the token.





SCIENTIA wants to discourage speculation with its token. It is not for trading. Therefore, a transaction tax of 9.42% is applied. This transaction tax is split threefold.

3.14% go directly to the liquidity pool. By increasing the liquidity pool with every transaction two goals are achieved. First, the value of SCIENTIA Token is stabilised by putting an ever-increasing price and value floor in place. Second, the continuous contribution to the liquidity pool with each transaction is a direct contribution to the ultimate goal of SCIENTIA.

The next 3.14% of the tax go to the marketing and development wallet to enhance and grow the SCIENTIA Community.

Finally, the last 3.14% of the tax are used to buy back SCIENTIA on the market with planned burns.


Team & Values

The main creator behind SCIENTIA is an active, well-published biomedical scientist, entrepreneur, and physician himself who has experienced many of the problems of traditional, old-school science funding and venture capital.

Being excited about blockchain and the way it has revolutionized many areas of life already, bridging blockchain, science funding and venture capital to forge something new is super exciting.

Due to the revolutionary approach of SCIENTIA, the identity of the team will not be revealed when SCIENTIA takes off but only after the formation of the SCIENTIA Trust in the Trust Phase. Traditional science can be a harsh and sometimes conservative place resisting change. Only by first proving its success can we protect the team and the SCIENTIA Community from an attack by those who will always resist innovation.

Our values

Transparency: We will keep each holder informed at every stage of the project.


Community: We will build, invest in and reward the SCIENTIA Community.


Truth: Science is about seeking truth and challenging old ideas.


Win-Win: Creating innovation and making money can go hand-in-hand.



If you need support or have questions please join our Telegram community where you will receive help. Either click on the link or search for SCIENTIAGROUP on Telegram. Please be aware of scam groups prentending to be official groups. This link will lead you to the only official group.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

General FAQs

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance smart chain comes with a dual architecture that enables the users to make their own decentralized apps and tokens on one and to do regular trading on the other. It works on a high-performance matching engine that makes the most of the distributed consensus. 


How does Binance Smart Chain work?

The Binance Smart Chain runs parallel to the Binance Chain. It is developed and maintained by the Binance community that focuses on elevating the functionality of smart contracts while keeping them compatible with mechanisms like Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

What are the benefits for SCIENTIA to build on the Binance Smart chain?

Along with Binance smart chain, Scientia is also allowing the trade of its tokens on Pancakeswap. Furthermore, it plans to add more exchanges that will enhance the accessibility of its tokens to the millions of token users.

Is Binance Smart Chain EMV-compatible?

As mentioned above, the Binance Smart Chain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. With this functionality, the former gets more adaptable for a large number of users who want to maintain a diverse portfolio.



Scientia is a pioneering endeavour that aims to empower new science-based projects that otherwise don’t see the light of day due to traditional funding methods and bureaucratic limbo. It allows the entrepreneurs in this field to raise funds while doing a valuable contribution to the whole community.


Is SCIENTIA a coin or a token?

Scientia is essentially a token. The token has been created using the Binance Smart Chain that delivers utmost protection, speed, and a decentralized environment.


What can I do with SCIENTIA?

For science or tech-based startups, Scientia will be a boon, it would help them raise funds for their projects if successful.

How will SCIENTIA help modern Science?

If successful, Scientia will become a unique platform with which the entrepreneurs of this domain would be able to raise funds for their vision. It would help them do away with the bureaucratic limbo and outdated centralized funding methods that exist today.